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Every human being has a natural instinct to grow food of their own, Mye.Farm comes ahead to make this dream come true. We are a Agri tech Farmer to Consumer company which intends to connect farmers to consumers through a mobile app based technology platform.

Mye.Farm is one of the largest Agri-tech company of India that tries to connect the farmers and the customers. There are many of us who have sometimes had a desire to own agricultural land and have the experience of cultivation, but due to time constraint it has taken a back seat. Mye Farm plays an important role in bridging that gap and giving you the feel of owing a land and cultivating it.

One of the main objective is to help the city dwellers understand where their food is coming from and fosters a close relationship between them and farmers. Through this we are creating a community of like-minded people who are conscious about the rice they are consuming.

Mye Farm helps to identify the farmer who can give you the experience of growing your own rice. It gives you the feel of the process of cultivating rice. This helps in providing regular income and bigger share of sales to the farmers by cutting out middleman which encourages natural farming methods.

How it work
Login to the app
Select the type of rice
Choose a farmer
Grow your own Rice
Get uniform quality of rice with fortified nutritional benefits.
Track Each and Every Progress of farming.
Grow your rice based upon the preference.
Supervised milling preserves the nutrient content of the rice.
Our cloud based mobile application provides greater precision to predict the quality of your rice.
Trust factors of mye.farm

IT is an effort of mye.farm to eliminate the hassle which is created in the process of procurement of rice and supply to the end user, In this endeavour we are trying to run an end-to-end supply chain which would be beneficial for both the customer as well as farmer.

Experience of Cultivation Gives you the experience and feel of growing your own rice from the very first day starting from ploughing of the land to sowing the seeds then seeing and feeling it growing to harvesting the paddy. It gives you a firsthand experience of agriculture.
Go Organic We come to know the process of cultivation, what type of seeds are used to what pesticides and fertilizers are being used and its completely at your discretion to decide about them.
Farm to Fork The supply chain ensures that all our customers receive their orders delivered according to their preferences.
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The Future Of Farming And Growing Your Own Rice Is Mye.farm
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Our Products

A indigenous variety of medium grain white rice. Which is highly recommended for being used daily. It got its name for the bright white color it gets form the endosperm and bran.

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Jeera Rice

Medium grain white rice which looks like coriander seeds. It helps in increasing hemoglobin levels and body metabolism. Preferred for its texture and open grains when cooked, which makes it a good choice for Pulao.

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Macha Kanta

It is a thin-grained, long and narrow also a little curved rice. It is scented rice and is preferred for making pudding when it’s not aged. But once it's aged it can be used for direct consumption.

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Hand Pounded Red Rice (Lusri)

Make the pretty red rice as a healthier choice of your daily meal. The traditional hand pounded or Dhinki Kuta Red rice has more micro nutrients and B Complex Vitamins.

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One of the rarest varieties of rice, Kalabati is a variety of black Rice, which is full of antioxidants. As it is also a rich source of protein, Iron and fiber. It is mostly good for people suffering from diabetes, kidney, heart disease, cancer and much more.

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